TIGER 4. HOMEWORK 9. UNIT 3 REVISION: Places in a town, There is, There are

1.- Play with these online activities

-Places in a town1: match the words to the picture
-Places in a town2: match the words to the pictures
-Look and choose the correct place
-Shops and places. Interactive book
-There is/ There are (affirmative, negative, interrogative sentences)

2.- Go to Tiger Team 4 online material/Songs/Unit 3: Near here/ Practise: Activity/
     Listen and complete the song. Sing the song.

3.- Write the date in English in your notebook(For example: Friday, 27th March 2020)
  Activity 1  Write a list of words (minimun 10) Every word has to start with the last letter of the previous word. You have to write at least 3 words about the topic. If you haven´t got 3 words about the topic, you can write 11,12,13 or more words.

First word: HOSPITAL

4.- Activity 2: Write 5 sentences with, at least 6 words. Use all of these words  and other words you want:
There - is - are - isn´t - aren´t - a - two - three - school - parks - cinemas - train station - in - my - street - town

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