3ºA, 3ºB and 3ºC. Homework number 4: Scattergories

Hello everybody!

How are you today?

Today, we are going to play...SCATTERGORIES!

           1) Write the date in your notebook: Today is Wednesday, 18th March 2020.
           2) Write the title: SCATTERGORIES
      3) Draw a grid.
          4Choose a cattegory. 
      5) Ready, steady, go! Start the timer (Put 1 minute)
5      6) Correct your mistakes. 10 points for each correct word. 5 points if you have a mistake. 

     How many points can you get? Write a comment! ( I have got fifty-two points)
           Bye, bye butterflies! 


Teacher.Rachel said...

Hello everyone! How many points have you got?

Sara Ibáñez said...

Hello Rachel. I am the winner. My score is 480. I love the game.

Dafne said...

Very funny!!

245 points. I'm the winner.

I love this game.

Teacher.Rachel said...

Wow, fantastic, girls!!

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