Homework 3: The talent show

Hello, hello, how are you today?
Happy, sad, angry, hungry or tired? (Leave a comment)

"I'm a bit blue because I miss you. But I'm excited too because today I have cool new games for you". 


1) It's time for PE in English! Read the words with the magic e and do the actions.

2) Watch the video and answer the questions.
The talent show video

How are you today? Do you like the games? What's your favourite activity? Tell me in comments!
Bye bye, butterflies!


Teacher Raquel said...

Hello! How are you today?

Dafne said...

Hello Raquel!
I'm happy because I can play on line with my friends.

Dafne said...

I like the games because they are funny.
Please, give us more.

Dafne said...

My favourite activity is numbers' bingo.

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