Year 3. Last week of school

This week we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to...Olympia (15th June) and to me (19th June)!!

WEDNESDAY, 17th June:

1. Watch one video by one of your friends:

3ºA: Celia   Jorge  Javier   Iñigo  Ander
3ºB: Sergio   Nora
3ºC: Pablo   Alicia  Sara

2. Play your favourite games or KAHOOTS. You can play the games in Tiger Macmillan or these games (two per unit):
   - Unit 1
   - Unit 2 
  - Unit 3 
  - Unit 5: Gravity  Snowman
 - STORIES: Flashcards   Memory    Gravity

FRIDAY, 19th June:

Watch the video by your teacher: Mad science lab


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