1.- Watch the video by Nicholas about famous people

2.- Open your English notebook and answer the questions. It is not necessary to copy the questions.
      Write the number of the question and the correct answer.
      You can use:

   Yes, he does/ No, he doesn’t/ Yes, she does/ No, she doesn’t/
   Yes, I do/No, I don’t

             1.   Does Michael Jordan like playing basketball?
             2.   Do you like playing basketball?
             3.   Does Wayne Gretzky like playing basketball?
             4.   Do you like playing hockey?
             5.   Does Serena Willians like playing tennis?
             6.   Do you like playing tennis?
             7.   Does Jackie Robinson like playing hockey?
             8.   Do you like skiing?
           10.   Do you like playing baseball?

     3.- Review the vocabulary about the countryside playing "Find the pairs", "Order the letters" and "Hangman"

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